Our fees vary, firstly depending upon the needs of the resident, followed by the size and location of the room. As a guide, these range from £850 to £1100 per week, and are paid one month in advance.

If you are thinking of joining Little Brook House, the first month is considered a trial period. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that you will be happy before deciding to stay.

Our fees cover all the routine expenses of living at Little Brook House including accommodation, meals, laundry, day-to-day care, and basic medical care. Additional services are easily arranged, including dry cleaning, delivery of newspapers and magazines, hairdressing (every Thursday), chiropody (every six weeks), as well as visits by dentists, opticians, beauty therapists and more. These services are charged in addition to the aforementioned fees.

A copy of our full terms and conditions of residence is available on request.

If you are seeking a retirement home for yourself or a relative we welcome you to come and visit us - no appointment is necessary

We kindly ask that you avoid visiting before 10am and between midday and 2pm.