Little Brook House Update February 2019

Little Brook House Care Home

Welcome to this, the first of our updates for 2019, and we would like to to wish you all, if a little belatedly, a Happy New Year. 

Like many of us, we started our New Year by taking a look back at 2018 with a view to celebrating our successes and looking at where we could make improvements to our services over the course of 2019 . We would like to share with you some of our thoughts and set out  the changes we will be making at Little Brook House over the coming months.

Welcome to Our New Manager

Firstly, we would like to give a warm welcome to our new Registered Manager, Sue Porter. Sue has worked for over 30 years in Health and Social Care in a variety of roles and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Sue has spent her first month at Little Brook House getting to know the residents, their families and the staff and she has been laying out her plans to continue and improve the excellent care being delivered at Little Brook House. Here we take a look at some of the key areas of improvement  Sue has already made or is planning to make in 2019.

Overall Standards

“I’ve come to Little Brook House to continue and improve the excellent care that is already being delivered here. As part of that process, I have audited and re-assessed parts of our operation. The care industry as a whole is constantly evolving and it is important that we keep abreast of recent developments and to make sure we address any areas where we may have either fallen slightly behind the times or where we may need additional support to maintain or improve our levels of care.”

“The demography of the residents of Little Brook has changed and many are now much further along their journeys than when they first come to stay with us, which in itself poses its own challenges. More generally, residents are now joining us where they need greater levels of support and care from the outset than was once the case. Only ten years ago residents might have come to Little Brook at a point where they were perhaps mildly confused or maybe in need of rehabilitation following a hospital stay. We had time whilst cognitive impairment was less advanced to build relationships and routines. The residents themselves were still quite independent and whilst still needing support, their needs were more modest. This is now seldom the case and the tempo and levels of support needed are now much higher. In light of this we are reviewing our structure, staffing levels and the facilities we provide here. Staff also need additional support to meet these needs and so more resources and supervisions are becoming embedded in our culture. I intend to use the expertise of the staff to help us build the right care and support for each individual resident as far as we are able.”

Building and Facilities

“Laundry is an area where there are recurring problems not just due to lack of labeling of clothes but the increased dependency levels of residents is also increasing the daily laundry demand. We are in the process of getting planning permission for a state-of-the-art Laundry facility to replace an outdated and inefficient system. I am sure staff, residents and relatives will welcome this significant investment”

Valuing Our Staff

“The role of Care Assistant is  demanding and sometimes stressful. It is important to have a space where a Care Assistant can have a break to recharge. We are excited to announce we have identified a space where we can build a new staff room, and this is in the consideration stage.”

“I am also delighted to share that we now have two deputy managers at Little Brook Caroline Phillips and Paul Tackley. They are both full time, experienced staff that are working opposite shifts, directly supporting the teams and managing rotas, medication, and multi-agency liaisons. This is industry leading for a small independent care home and I am so lucky to have these two members of the team on board. They have excellent links with the outside agencies such as GP’s, Mental Health Teams, Occupational Therapists, District Nurses and many others. This helps us to get additional advice, support and nursing when the residents need this.”


“This has been a huge challenge and is a work in progress. I am not currently happy with this area and it has been neglected in so far that the increased workload due to the resident demographic had not been taken into consideration.  We are now attempting to address this and are recruiting an additional 35 hours a week of cleaning to support our residents. If you know a Mary Poppins please send her my way!”

In Summary

“There is much to do and we hope this  gives you a feel for the steps we are taking to ensure that we continue to provide a level of care that is responsive to our changing needs. We thank you all for your support and understanding and if you have any questions concerning these changes please get in touch. We will keep you posted on our progress over the coming months.”

Sue Porter  – Registered Manager – Little Brook House