Thank You For All of Your Support

We have just received feedback from the families and loved ones of our residents following our independent survey of how you thought we had managed through the Covid pandemic. We were truly overwhelmed by your support and thanks.

We count ourselves fortunate that we have weathered the worst of the pandemic and this has been a tremendous team effort of all concerned; our residents, care team and staff, families and supporters and the front line services that have enabled the home to remain open and secure during this pandemic. 

We would like to thank you all for your kind words apologise that we could not include all comments. Thank you also for suggestions and feedback. We will  take these onboard and see where we can make any improvements or changes going forward. We will be looking with the Owner at purchasing a tablet or similar, to aid contact, should we go into further periods of lockdown.

We are looking forward to the easing of lockdown restrictions and just wanted to remind you that visiting resumed here from the 1st March whilst staff and residents remain negative when tested. Until all staff and residents have had both vaccine shots, even if you have had both parts of the vaccine, you will nevertheless be required to have rapid tests on each occasion you visit. We are offering boxes of tests and instructions for those that visit on a regular basis if you would like to test at home before visiting Little Brook House, which will probably be helpful if you travel a distance to be here. Of course we are happy to do these for you, on arrival,  if you prefer. Please can you email if you require tests to be put aside for your next visit.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support to myself and my team and for the many treats supplied. We are all slightly larger!I sincerely hope we may soon be able to get together again in more normal circumstances. 

Thank you one and all.

Sue and The Little Brook House Team

Your Feedback

Has Little Brook House kept relatives informed throughout the pandemic?

100% Answered Yes.

“Excellent and very good to be kept up to date.”

“We have received regular informative updates via emails. Also, by phone when it has been on a personal level.”

“Every step of the way.”

“Communication could have been more regular, but we do appreciate that the staff needed to prioritise the care of the residents especially when short of staff.”

“I feel that Little Brook- have kept me informed, considering what the staff have had to deal with. It’s been excellent.”

“Email updates have been on a regular basis.”

Has the care home provided you with information about how they are keeping residents safe during the pandemic? (e.g., using personal protective equipment (PPE), limiting visiting etc.)

100% Answered Yes.

“This has been through the use of PPE, clear signage at entry points reinforcing covid rules, regular testing of both staff and residents, a designated room sperate from the main care home for visiting, limited visiting and when necessary protocols put in place”

“Every Step of the Way.”

“Excellent and Very good to be kept up to date.”

Has the Management been transparent about their plans regarding visiting during the pandemic?

100% Answered Yes.

“Always kept us informed as to how , when and where we could visit Mum.”

“We really appreciate the pragmatic and thoughtful approach that the management have taken and that they see the importance of face-to-face visits for residents and families.”

“They have been clear and considerate in their reasoning around visiting.”

“Could not have been better.”

“Visiting plans have been consistent, though living further away has meant that I have not been able to take advantage as much as I would like. The Xmas meal visits were a great idea and meant a lot to me (and I hope Mum)”

Do you feel that the right balance has been achieved between allowing visiting and keeping the residents Safe?

100% Answered Yes.

“Thanks to management and staff.”

“Helped by the weather enabling outside visiting during lockdown one.”

“The management and staff have always been ahead of the game- when making a separate entrance to the day room etc. Always looking at ways to support the residents and the most important thing is knowing when my mum was very low and making sure that I could be in contact with her. I am beyond impressed.”

“In the absence of clear government guidance, I think the management achieved the right balance.”

“Absolutely, Little Brook House first and foremost has strived to keep our relatives safe but have acknowledged the importance of family contact. Whenever the rules have allowed, they have bent over backwards to allow visiting to take place.”

“Born out by the excellent record regarding positive tests among both residents and staff.”

Do you feel the Management considered the impact on the Mental Wellbeing of not seeing relatives on the residents and the current advice when making decisions about residents?

100% Answered Yes.


“Yes, that was always a clear priority.”

“I feel the staff went above and beyond.”

“Yes, absolutely. They have completely recognised that the quality of the resident’s lives must also be considered even when working within the constraints of the pandemic guidelines. It is not compassionate to keep people safe but miserable. The resident’s wellbeing seems to have been uppermost in their minds.”

“Under the circumstances they did an excellent job.”

“ Yes, but I feel they could have done more to maintain contact (electronic as necessary), between relatives and residents who are unable to use the phone effectively?”

Do you feel the management considered the impact on relatives when they made their decisions? Overall, do you feel the management got the balance right?

100% Answered Yes.



“Again absolutely.”

“Difficult decisions were treated with empathy.”

“Wellbeing of residents was the priority.”

Bearing in mind the constantly changing government guidelines during the pandemic did you feel you received enough updates in the regular email contact from Management?

93% Answered Yes.

7% Answered No.

“Yes, they have been very good at relaying the obvious reams of guidelines being sent out to care homes in a prompt concise and informative manner.”

“ Email communication has been exceptional, and we have been kept up to date with each change in legislation and also asked for our opinions on future visiting plans,”

“ Outstanding! I have friends with families in other care homes who have had nothing in the way of communication from management and Sue has cascaded information when she has it available.”

“ A short weekly update would have been ideal- sometimes the gaps between communication seemed to be longer than they could have been , notwithstanding my earlier comments.”

If you had a relative who entered end of life or was unwell during this period, do you feel you were given appropriate support to see and spend time with them?

Only two survey respondents answered this. Both answered yes.
“ I can never thank management and staff enough. Myself and my family were able to be with Dad as much as we liked and were very well supported by staff. It was like they were caring for their own family member.”

If your relative was new to Little Brook did the home support you to have access whilst your relative settled in?

Only two survey respondents answered this. One Answered Yes, the second left a comment.

“We have not been able to visit ……., since she moved in as the lockdown started so soon afterwards.”

“Could not have asked for any more with regards to resident and relatives well-being.”

Do you feel the activities you have seen on Facebook and the activities such as the Christmas Events have kept residents happy and stimulated, whilst you were unable to visit as much as pre pandemic?

100% Answered Yes.

“The broad range of activities and seasonal events have been excellent, and it has been lovely to view these on Facebook.”

“It has been good to see so many pictures of ……… on Facebook.”

“It has been and has always been brilliant.”

“The Facebook posts were much appreciated, and it was evident how much the residents enjoyed the activities.”

“ Generally, yes for most residents but not sure how much the events appealed to ………. and would be interested in know what activities he participated in or to what extent staff were able to spend 121 time with him.”

“Little Brook House has always had a good range of activities in place and although the pandemic has restricted the outings and “guests” allowed they still come up with events to engage the residents. Having this on Facebook has helped us keep in touch. Seeing the Sweet and Ice-cream trolley doing its rounds. The regular afternoon teas, Friday’s fish, and chips. As well as the regular games and crafts.”

Finally, if you could take a few moments to add a comment on what we did well and what could be improved and any suggestions this could be helpful for any future planning.

“From Dad and my personal view Little Brook House have been wonderful throughout this sad time. All the care and attention mum and Dad have received is beyond words.”

“I am so grateful my Mum is at Little Brook House. It looks, feels, and is run like a family home. You treat the residents as family and care for them as family. THANK YOU for going above and beyond through these difficult times.”

“You have done a terrific job in incredibly challenging circumstances-well done- we really appreciate the care you give to all the residents and we were blown away by the lengths you went to for…………. Birthday. Thank you.”

“I cannot thank all the management and staff enough for the care they have provided to the residents over the past year. It cannot have been easy, but you have gone above and beyond. What has been difficult for us has been maintaining communication with Mum- over the course of the year her ability to use a phone has deteriorated. Early on this was frustrating to both her and us, but now she cannot use a phone I wonder what communication might be possible-perhaps a means of video call that does not rely on availability of staff and their mobiles?”

“I just want to say a big thank you to all the management and staff who have worked so hard whilst also having their own personal issues during the pandemic. I know my mum feels safe and loved. I know that all have done everything they can to keep me in the loop in so many ways. Placing mum in Little Brook House was the best decision I have ever made. When I speak to friends who have relatives in other care homes elsewhere in the country- and have not seen their relatives since last April- I realise how brilliant Little Brook House is. Thank you.”

“The one problem regarding Mum that did occur was dealt with promptly and correctly.”