Respite Care

Respite care is designed for people who wish to stay with us on a short term basis. This might be somebody who is recovering from an illness or operation that  may need a little more support than usual. Perhaps somebody’s regular carers needs to have a short break. Whatever the reason, our respite residents  receive the same standards of care and planned support as our full time residents, ensuring that everybody gets a well deserved rest.

Caring for a loved one is a very demanding role that consumes a lot of emotional and physical energy. It is natural that carers often feel worried or guilty about taking time off and are understandably concerned that a change in regimen, no matter how short, might be upsetting for their loved one. Having the occasional break is important though to the health and well being of both carer and the  person being cared for so, at Little Brook House we make respite care a positive experience for all and make sure that everybody benefits from the break.

For those recuperating after an illness or  operation, our trained carers can provide a level of support that might be difficult to deliver in a home environment. Letting us help and take up some of the strain means you can focus on getting your loved one back to good health without the worry of having to arrange additional support at home.

We make sure our respite guests get engaged in the life of the home and so along with making use of all of the facilities our long term residents enjoy, our respite guests can also experience a range of activities – accompanied by trained carers – that they may find difficult to  manage alone. Some of the typical weekly activities include:

  • An appointment with our visiting hairdresser
  • An appointment with our visiting chiropodist
  • A pampering beauty afternoon including a foot spa and massage with aromatherapy oils, a manicure and polish
  • Gentle activities afternoon
  • A sing-a-long with visiting musicians
  • Simply enjoy a game of scrabble while socialising with residents
  • Tea and cake at a coffee shop
Our dedicated Respite Care room at Little Brook House  can be reserved in advance with prices starting from £1,400 per week with a 25%, non-refundable deposit payable in advance.

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